''Assim diz o Senhor: Ponde-vos nos caminhos, e vede, e perguntai pelas veredas antigas, qual é o bom caminho, e andai por ele; e achareis descanso para as vossas almas...'' Jr 6:16

terça-feira, 12 de junho de 2012

Pope stresses need for ''Sabbath'' rest

Recalling Meeting of Families, Pope stresses need for Sabbath rest

CWN - June 06, 2012

“A message of hope went out from Milan to the whole world,” Pope Benedict
XVI told his regular weekly public audience on June 6, as he recalled his
visit to that Italian city last weekend for the 7th World Meeting of
The meeting in Milan was “an epiphany of the family,” the Pope said. He
remarked that in his first address to the public, gathered before the
Duomo, he had said that the family “must be rediscovered as mankind’s
most important heritage.”
At his Wednesday audience the Pope retraced his visit to Milan, step by
step, recounting each of his talks. He spoke of the memorable concert at
La Scala, with the performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. He mentioned
his talk with the clergy—to whom he said that “celibacy is a luminous
sign of love for God and for our brothers and sisters”—and his
encouragement for young people in this year’s Confirmation class.
In his talk with political leaders, the Pope reported, he had insisted
that “the legislation and activities of state institutions must always be
at the service of individuals, safeguarding them in all aspects,
beginning with the right to life which must never be deliberately
suppressed, and recognizing the specific identity of the family founded
on marriage between a man and a woman.”
During his encounters with the participants in the World Meeting of
Families, the Pope said that he had been repeatedly struck by the reports
of families facing challenges because of economic difficulties, divorce,
and other problems. He focused especially on one particular challenge:
the need to set aside the Sabbath for worship and family time. The Pope
told his audience:
I wish to recall what I have often said in the past in defense of family
time, which is threatened by the imposition of work-related commitments.
Sunday is the day of the Lord, the day of man, a day in which everyone
must be free, free for the family and free for God. By defending Sunday
we defend man's freedom.

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  1. Sunday is NOT the day of our LORD God in heaven!!! His day, which is the Sabbath is FRIDAY 6PM TO SATURDAY 6PM!!! Sunday is the first day of the week! God created the earth in six days and RESTED ON THE SEVENTH DAY, SATURDAY! He commands us to observe this day, the Sabbath day as A DAY OF REST!!! Do not be misled by satan and his minions!